Brainwashing goes From Turkey to America
August 10, 2013 | 07:44 PM

Ms. Lassetter you are looking like a fool. Have you not been reading the economist and other international news about Gulen's grip on Turkey's politics, education, judicary system and more? Are you not aware of the ongoing civil unrest by peace loving protestors against your Turkish buddies Hocaefendi?
I assure you that travel to Turkey is way less than a million a year. But this is nothing new or novel for the Gulen Movement they spend millions to send American politicians to Turkey and a few others showing them only selected portions of Turkey. Let us guess you visited a Turkish family and had a meal? Went to Gulen's Today Zaman? Went and saw the Grand Mosque, a conversion from a Christian Cathedrel.
Didn't the NY Times article on your precious school mean anything to you? Exposing the Grace Institute and the other issues like Ardem Arici who sits in Federal prison - that gave a loan to Fulton Science Acadmey via Sema Education Foundation.
Oh, there is so much more and it is not unimportant it is very important to the security and safety of Americans (You do care about your fellow Americans don't you?)

You may get a short reprive, but you would be serving your fellow Americans better if you prepared them for the future closing of Fulton Science Academy as a charter or Tax supported school and told the fellow parents (those that are left) to look for other arrangements for their children.
Diehard fans like you don't come cheap, how much the paying you? As much as Karen Hughes the ex PR person for former President Bush or did they get a bargain from you because your kid attends school there and they waived the private school tuition.
Or perhaps they paid Dr. Rose Ebaugh and Dr. Jill Carroll more because they have Ph.d s and you don't?
Image, PR, marketing, and advertising are very important to the Gulencis.
They will lie, bribe, blackmail, manipulate to get their end result of increased share of power.
Good Luck to you Ms. Lassetter, you are in a very unpopular fight.