Response to "Good!"
August 09, 2013 | 10:31 PM

There is a huge difference between an investigation conducted by an actual government agency charged with such matters as is happening in DeKalb and Clayton Counties. These investigations were carried out by various government agencies such as GBI or police. The fact agencies along these lines have not been brought in but rather a private law firm working directly at the direction of the city council smells to high heaven.

If something legitimately bad has been done by the mayor that might legitimately cause his removal from office why wasn't the GBI brought in? Instead they hired a private law firm because the council suspects or thinks something MAY have happened that they cannot even explain????

This reminds me of Nancy Pelosi's statement about the healthcare law. That we had to pass it to find out what was in it. Same thing here it appears. We have to have an investigation by a non governmental entity to see if they can find something to complain about and get rid of a political opponent. Pretty neat trick.

This kind of private investigation is similar to when the Atlanta School Board brought in a private "blue ribbon panel" to do the investigating on the CRCT cheating scandal and amazingly found no cheating and reported the same to their bosses at the school board who did not want a problem found anyway. Eventually Governor Deal had to order a real investigation. In this case it appears that our city council is using taxpayer dollars for a witch hunt.

I expect the private law firm will find something to make a fuss about to make their client who pays its fee (ie Johns Creek City Council) happy and not embarrassed. Whether whatever they find it truly a reason to remove the mayor from office remains to be seen but the city council (good for them) gets to be judge and jury.

If I was in politics I would like this arrangement too. Use taxpayer money for a non criminal investigation of a political opponent and then I get to decide if the findings are strong enough to get rid of my enemy! If the findings are generally minor I am sure the council will decide that as a matter of principal that the mayor has to go anyway and conveniently right before an election!