Give us all the specific charges
August 07, 2013 | 01:13 PM

Mr. Hurd, in every article you have written regarding the investigation of the Mayor, you make it a point to label those requesting the council spell out the specific charges against the mayor as supporters of the mayor. I do not understand why this needs to be mentioned or even matters? Who a person either does or does not support has absolutely no relevance to the fact that the citizens of Johns Creek are asking for transparency from their elected officials. I am not a supporter of the mayor and support the investigation of the mayor if he has violated his oath of office, but I also feel in the interest of full transparency all the charges should be laid out with specifics. Trust in all elected officials is at an all time low, and the hiding of the facts to “protect” the city and city officials’ image is not up to the council to decide for the citizens. By presenting all the charges specifically up front and providing a completely transparent and objective investigation can trust in the city’s elected officials begin to be repaired. At that time the citizens can decide for themselves if this was a political witch hunt or if the mayor violated the trust of the people who elected him. The only thing I as a Johns Creek citizen is interested in is the truth and that can only be obtained by examining all the facts not just those the council wants us to see.

Johns Creek Citizen
Johns Creek