Politics and Bureaucracy before Students
August 07, 2013 | 09:29 AM

Again GA politics get in the way of parents and students exercising their supposed right to school choice.

The Charter Commission really wants FSA Elem and HS Charter Schools to get a waiver from a County School Board that doesn't want them to exist in the first place? A School Board that is willing to go to any lengths to close charter schools that are outperforming their traditional county schools. Wow! Like that is probable.

The Charter Commission is there to protect the right to school choice, not to erect barriers that are impossible to overcome. Sad!

On another note, IF enrollment is down at the high school it would solely be the fault of the Fulton County Board of Ed. They prematurely, without credible evidence, and without a confirmed decision told everyone that they were closing FSA HS.

They transferred student information and their records to other schools without parent permission and sent out letters to ALL parents informing them of the school closure, even though the decision had not been made. It is not in their power to close a charter school. That right lies solely with the State Board of Ed.

Additionally, they even provided their PTSA's with our personal information, so that they could contact us. Can we say FERPA violation? Well, it definitely would not be the first time for that!

Further, the Fulton County Board of ED and their superintendent continually informed the press and gave the impression to existing parents and new applicants that the school would not reopen this year. They went so far as to initiate a process to try and close the school WITHOUT HAVING ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE! These were the words of the Sate Board of Education, not mine. They are capable of ANYTHING!

IF the school has low enrollment and I am not saying that it will, then you can place all the blame, 100 percent, on Fulton County. It sure will not be results, because FSA High outperformed the State and Fulton County in every area. I believe that they even outperformed North Fulton High Schools in all but one EOCT area and their average overall is highest among North Fulton Schools. Further 100 percent of FSA HS students passed AP language, history, and calculus.

This year all FSA HS students will even receive new laptops. The school has moved forward, added more AP classes and completed renovations to the school, in the best interests of its students. It persevered through the process and kept its head up. IT IS OPEN, regardless what Fulton County says!!!!!!

I really hope that parents elect to register at this top performing North Fulton School.

It is small, safe, and has uniforms. Many classes have only 15 or fewer students. This provides for more individualized teaching and leads to greater student achievement as their results clearly show. Its robotics and tech teams are OUTSTANDING! This is definitely a school for math and science minded students that are college bound.

The Georgia State Department of Education released the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), and FSA High School received one of the highest scores, among not only Fulton, but North Fulton High Schools. FSA 87.2, N. Fulton Schools 84.6, Fulton County Schools 73.9. That alone should send you running to enroll at FSA HS.

Again, FSA HIGH SCHOOL IS OPEN! ENROLL and take advantage of excellence!

Angela Lassetter