Wrong Information
August 06, 2013 | 09:23 PM

As usual, Ms. Waylock has written an article with the facts presented in a manner, so as to lead the reader to draw incorrect conclusions. Much like statistics you can skew the truth to meet whatever purpose you are inclined to achieve. She should be ashamed for being so biased as to throw her hat in with Fulton County.

Fulton Science Academy Middle School was denied a renewal of its charter petition in May 2012. This is not news. Further, NO ACTUAL evidence or witnesses were every presented to find that there was any financial or management issues. This was an opinion based on solely on heresay and slanderous statements.

After denial of its charter petition, Fulton Science Academy Middle School went private and expanded to Pre-K through 8th grade. It is now Fulton Science Academy Private School and is continuing its history of offering superior award winning academics just as it did when it was a charter school. In 2014-2015 it will be expanding to include high school grades, ultimately offering Pre-k through 12th grade.

At no time has the school ever stated that it was only going to be private for a year. That is pure fiction penned by Ms. Waylock. The school is private and presently intends to remain so. At no time has it drafted or petitioned the State Charter Commission for a charter.

As a private school, it can now dedicate itself to serving Gifted and Advanced students and focus on offering cutting edge gifted S.T.E.A.M. curriculum. Its staff can focus solely on teaching and achievement, while leaving all the politics and unnecessary bureaucracy behind.

It is starting its second year as a private school, has doubled its enrollment, and has added to its gifted curriculum. It has limited pre- k through 5th grade class size to 15 students and middle school grades only have 20 students per class for more individualized teaching. Foreign languages are taught to all grades and P.E. is offered every day. Art, music, robotics, and computers are taught every week to all grades. Even field trips have doubled. It has been able to do so much more as a private school simply because of the lack of politics. It is just amazing.

The school fully intends to move to its new campus in 2014-2015 and continue to thrive and add to its history of continued academic success.

I guess all the hoopla was just that since Fulton Science Academy never missed a beat. Everyone should be furious that Fulton County Board of Ed and the State DOE took away access to this kind of education from those that are not able to pay for it as a private school. However, everyone should commend the school for keeping the tuition as low as possible. It is just $10,000 a year. Amazing !!! Small, safe, focused on gifted education and results....Go FSA Private School.

Ms. Waylock should get her facts in order and present the news in an unbiased manner.

Angela Lassetter