Read the Story
July 04, 2013 | 10:18 PM

R - you need to actually read the story. Cindy nor the county is opening the concert venue back up. The county purchased the former Lanierland site back in 2009 as part of the park and green space bond. Earlier this year, the BOC approved a plan to make the property into an active park with ball fields, walking trails, etc.. The old concert venue is being looked at as a possible activity center which "might" include the opportunity to have concerts. This would be so the county could generate revenue just as they do with rentals and other activities at the rec centers at other parks.

You might also know that Cindy's family never owned Lanierland nor do they own any of the land around it. The property was owned by the Samples family and leased to the Jones' to operate the concert venue. In 2009 the county purchased it, long before Cindy took office. Lanierland was not losing money nor was it a failing business. The family merely decided to retire and thus closed the business. Being from the Jot Em Down area, you should know that. Cindy is not using her office to help her family. Anything that happens with that property now is to the benefit of the county - who owns it - and all Cindy is doing is making sure the park preserves some of the history of the area. If the structure can be salvaged and generate revenue for the county instead of tearing it down and spending more money on a rec center, then she is doing her job.