June 29, 2013 | 04:21 PM

Certain people just can't admit that Obama has been great for the economy. I just hope mr copsey gets down on his knees and thanks God every single day that he does not have a child with an in curable life threatening illness, as mine does. Because I'd he did he would be thanking God for Obamacare as it would be saving his child's life, as it is mine. We have excellent insurance and a good income. But my child's expenses for medical needs are upwards of 3k a month. With Obamacare, he will not be throw off our insurance because of his preexisting condition. As it is now, he can lead a almost normal and very healthy life. Without his medical needs being provided for we would be homeless trying to pay cash for it. Wthout it, he would die in a few days. So God forbid mr copsey or anyone else who speaks against Obamacare's child be inflicted as my child was. But shut your mouth until you have walked in my shoes, and keep it shut.

Diane Colin