June 24, 2013 | 11:58 AM

Every issue in this region always gets back to the obsession with race in Georgia. Fine, don't expand mass transit and more and more major worldwide corporations will tire of the Atlanta region and move their facilities elsewhere. Seen 400 lately? What was a quiet time on a weekend day now looks like weekday rush hours 5 years ago in North Fulton. At some point, enough will be enough.

As for the North Point Mall comment, malls are immune to shoplifting elsewhere? Please. What a simplification of reality. There are criminals in Forsyth, there are criminals in Fulton, and plenty of them are white and don't ride MARTA.

Just like the white kids I saw get chased down in Walmart last week for stealing from the electronics department... but we don't have MARTA here, so how could that actually of happened considering they were white and had to get away in a car?