City Council is Embarrassing Johns Creek
June 22, 2013 | 03:18 PM

The city council is wasting our tax dollars on this investigation. None of the five City Council members voting for the investigation will identify even one ethics or other violation committed by Mayor Bodker. Instead, they hired an attorney with our tax dollars to see if he can drum up some charges, and all of this is taking place immediately before the municipal elections filing deadline in late August. Apparently, one of these five council members hopes to vote Mike Bodker off City Council before the filing deadline and then possibly run unopposed. According to, this mess appears to have started when Mike Bodker asked newly elected Councilman Brad Raffensperger to attend a meeting in Duluth where Brad might have learned more about the proposed Rogers Bridge Park pedestrian bridge between Johns Creek and Duluth. The City Council had earlier removed this bridge from its list of active projects. Mike Bodker’s request of Brad to attend this meeting infuriated this Group of 5, who fired back at Mike telling him he was acting “outside the will of the Council.” Brad should have simply attended this meeting to learn more about the issue so that he was better educated on this project. Instead, the taxpayers are spending 10’s of thousands of dollars. This action is nothing but a witch hunt.

JC Resident
Johns Creek