I know how
June 20, 2013 | 12:19 PM

If insurance don't cover a pitbull why are they in trailers apartments. Subdivision with no dangerous dogbreed allowed. Preaso varnish pits n rocks.n akitas should not be in thoose homes if lease or hoa has a no dangerous dog law. People having 3 and 4 pitch is not responsible and kids walking THEM alone or even a sherpard a japense sharper or chow.or rockw's. What must happen before We make spay n netur pits a law. People just Get them to BREED. Backyard breeders should pay fines n fix aall bully breeds or mixed. In Atlanta I saw 1 loose pit. This must be year of pig because We have seen LOOSE ones n 1 kid was taking 3 home he found on road. Said oh they are good dogs.