Towering Buildings.. Really?
June 19, 2013 | 10:06 PM

Lee, after all our back and forth, you still don't get it. New Urbanism is not about the type or height of the building and it's also not about density. Yes, all of the above can work in a New Urbanist design.. but single family is also a very vital feature of New Urbanist design. Vickery Village is textbook New Urbanism. So is Glenwood Park in south Atlanta. Serenbe is also a New Urbanist community. I'm sure anyone on the city council would be happy to have any of these developments within the city of Alpharetta. In fact, the majority of New Urbanist developments have buildings that are four stories or lower. To broadly associate New Urbanism with high density & high rises is a gross misrepresentation.

Michael Hadden