Your column
April 30, 2013 | 02:26 PM

Hi Ray:
I just felt the need to say "thanks". Your article, Where have All The
Children Gone, was insightful and touched my heart. We must have had
similar childhoods, but as a girl, I had the freedom to turn my house
into a fort Barbies and stuffed animals. We held performances on our
front porch "stage" where every kid had a star role and a few lines to
speak. Our parents encouraged us to use our imaginations and be
creative. Sidewalk chalk drawings decorated our driveway. So, I
understand the value in being a "kid" and I tried to give that to my
girls, as well. We didn't have any family nearby, so friends became
family - Uncle and Aunt so and so...
My girls are 23 and 26 now. They are very close to each other; even
though they live in separate states and away from me. They are
self-sufficient and I am so very proud of them. I am going to share
your write-up commentary with them. Someday, when they have families
of their own, I hope they will remember to "let the children
play" builds character and self-esteem!
Thanks again!!!!
Your friend,
Robbi Carrier

North Fulton