Where have all the children gone
April 30, 2013 | 02:24 PM

Thank you for such a well written opinion piece in the recent Johns Creek Herald. Not only have I cut it out, but have also underlined specific points. Our children are almost all gone now, however, my husband ( of 30 years) and I appreciated this piece more than you will ever know.Your eloquence is to be congratulated.
We were fortunate to have raised our children prior to the onslaught of all the private coaching elements so prevalent today. However, our children were blessed with focus and drive. Our oldest was a 5 time All American at UGA (swimming) and received numerous awards while there. Her humility was one of her best assets. As her mother, I possess none! Our middle child played football and baseball at Notre Dame. He was a pleasure to watch from bleachers as well. Our youngest is still in school, and quips that he will have to find the cure for cancer to keep up with his siblings. Not so. They each have their gifts.
I underlined several well thought out segments to share with each of them. "Engagement was more important than achievement." is a line to cherish as they age and have separated from the intensity of the teams they have been parts of. I only hope they will appreciate your words as much as I did.
Thanks again. Here's a photo from my childhood. Not sure this is what you wanted, but I happened to have it on my iPad. I do have others, but it will take some looking...

Thank you.

Deanna Maust
(a faithful reader of your paper)

(NOTE: Ray has asked that anyone wishing to email us a photo from your childhood and a few sentences - about your time when things made more sense and were more simple.. send to and attach the photo with a few sentences!)