where have all the children gone
April 30, 2013 | 02:17 PM

I was the third and final child in my parents' tumultuous marriage. I spent my childhood on my scooter, my skates, my bicycle and finally on my toes. They gave us love, discipline, manners, and freedom. Mother taught us survival skills and showed us how to plan everything. Dad taught us about the glorious physical world around us and how to imagine and dream! They also showed me what I didn't want in a marriage...the most valuable of all their gifts. At one time I thought I had been deprived as a child. Now I know I had it all! Your beautifully worded article resonated with me as I have been asking myself the same question. Why do parents obsess over their children? Why must their children be perfect? Where have all the children gone? Perhaps they have gone into hiding. Perhaps it is too difficult to be a child today.

No name please

PS: I think you and my husband must have played on the same football team!

Johns Creek