Agreed, but UHF is not pracitcal
April 27, 2013 | 01:21 PM

I certainly agree that any agency putting together an RFP should ensure that a true, non-proprietary P25 system should be procured, but the idea that Fulton county should switch to the UHF frequency band is not practical.

Every other metro Atlanta county uses the 800MHz band, and switching to UHF would make interoperability even more difficult, as multi-network digital subscriber radios are cost prohibitive from any vendor.

Not one metro Atlanta public safety entity uses the UHF band. The benefits of slightly more coverage with maybe one less site is negated by the fact that the county would be on a band that is not utilized for public safety in this region, and would make their system inaccessible to the thousands of existing radios the county already owns- and the thousands of other radios already in use in the region.

Remember, the county is only putting out a bid to replace INFRASTRUCTURE and not SUBSCRIBER radios. Switching RF bands would mean replacing about 3000 radios which would only drive up the cost tremendously.

Mr. Smartnet
Atlanta, GA