FSA is a Great Private School
April 04, 2013 | 03:22 PM


You seem to be little confused and manipulative.

Confused, because you are in lack of information. You are commenting on a private school and talking about special education needed students that are not taken to the schools. If you are talking about FSA Private School, you should know that it's a private school, not a public school anymore.

You are manipulative, because you seem you have an anger against Hizmet Movement or people in this movement. But you should remember before mixing Hizmet and Charter Schools that charter schools are public schools and they can not be part of any movement or religious group. Since you are writing from Ankara(capital city of Turkey) I think this is normal that you are not familiar with the Charter School Law and procedures in the US. It's easy for you to sit on your chair in Ankara and write (unsupported / untruthful) comments about people's achievements in the US. And, of course it's easy to blame them if you don't like them (obviously you don't). But, it's not gonna work. We, people see the truth and good deeds.

As a parent, I love FSA Private School. And, Mr. Sener has been a great Principal!