I've got a better idea...
April 04, 2013 | 12:54 PM

MARTA doesn't have the funding to adequately operate and maintain the network of trains and buses that it currently has, so how in the heck is MARTA supposed to expand its North Line with wholly-inadequate revenues that are in steep decline?

Instead of waiting 10, 15, 20 or more years (or most likely, NEVER) for a death-spiraling MARTA to extend the North Line, have the North Fulton state legislative delegation make it possible for North Fulton officials to takeover the North Line and nearby connecting bus routes from MARTA and operate their own highly-functional, dependable, clean and SECURE regional transit system that is independent from MARTA.

After taking over the North Line from MARTA, North Fulton officials could extend bus and train service up the GA 400 Corridor by taking the entire North heavy rail line (from the Airport up to however as far north on GA 400 as North Fultonites want) and nearby connecting bus routes and leasing them out to a private operator for an upfront balloon payment and smaller subsequent yearly payments.

The payments from the upfront balloon payment from the private operator could be used to field a police force that was specially-trained to work on public transportation while having the train and bus lines leased out to a private operator means that the public would not have to pay to operate and maintain the train and bus lines.

North Georgia