Sick and Tired
April 03, 2013 | 10:58 AM

You people that have commented make me sick! You don't know Capt Barrett at all. You don't know that he is also a tax payer and so is his HUGE family. So the tax money is just as much his as yours. He has worked his way up the ladder just like anyone else in the S.O. You don't realize that when he knocks on a door to serve a warrant that he as well as his co workers take their life into their hands to get the bad guys off the street, that bad guy just sold drugs to your relative or stole something from you or your neighbor, or molested someone you know, or when the S.O. pulls someone over because they are breaking the law, they are here to serve and protect you as well as me and my family. This man is as honest as they get! He has served our Country as well as our County and is a man of Faith. He would have proudly took a demotion to keep a job and food on the table just like anyone else. Don't jump to conclusions! He is fighting for what he believes in and if you were put in that position, you would too! I'm so sick and tired of hearing "I'm a tax payer and you owe me"... have you ever stopped to think that that person you are talking to is also a tax payer in this county? You don't think that that person that works for the county has also thought or said to upper management or a commissioner, a concern as a tax payer? We are ALL taxpayers in this county or whatever county we live in... DAH