Tired of sitting on 400.
March 27, 2013 | 09:02 PM

Bringing Marta heavy rail up this far is a huge decision if the area wants to compete for jobs and convenience. The idea that Marta brings crime is the biggest uneducated cop out known. The only people that don't want Marta rail are the ones who travel to drop off their kids at school everyday and go home right after. Get up everyday and go to a real job, take Marta everyday and then you can voice an opinion. I park at the Mansel Park/Ride, take the bus to N. Springs Marta and travel to Arts Center every single day. Not one single problem. If you took Marta everyday you would realize that its not a bunch of gang bangers. Its hard working folks that want to save money, take it for convenience and don't want to sit in traffic every morning. I read the paper, check my messages, get work done and laugh at everyone on 400 while I pass them everyday.