new replacement windows
February 17, 2013 | 10:27 AM

Wanted new windows for sound reduction of farm/pick up truck traffic. Salesman hyped the sound and safety They were installed in Oct. 2012. No sound reduction. Did research. Spoke with Cardinal glass rep and he verified that the sound and safety windows decrease high frequency noises, not low ones such as traffic. And, the new windows have a significant draft. Installation team came out Feb 15 2013 to insulate windows with fiberglass batting. This was not done initially. They insulated just the sides of the windows. Problem still exists. I just get a runaround from people with no knowledge of the product they sold me. I want a partial refund because 1. there is no sound reduction and 2. how can my windows be energy efficient with a substantial draft? I will be pursuing this matter beyond this comment section.

Deborah Blair
Callahan, FL