Turnout correction
February 15, 2013 | 12:05 PM

There are 42,860 registered voters in Johns Creek. In the November 2012 presidential election, 31,347 (73%) of registered voters voted. This disproves all the arguments made in the article that the city charter requirements as currently written need to be changed.

the city charter commission did not provide a documented basis or analysis to justify why the suggested changes are needed. They also did not tabulate citizen comments, or address these comments as to how they were incorporated, or why they were not addressed. The explanations being provided now appear to be opinions not supported by factual data or investigations. That is why the fulton county delegation is asking the charter commission to go back and actually perform the work that is needed to justify their recommendations and document that citizen concerns were actually addressed and not simply dismissed based on opinions of charter commission members.

Johns Creek resident
Johns Creek