Refocus on the economy
February 13, 2013 | 11:18 AM

We are on the very edge of a monumental leap for mankind. Just as learning to make fire...the wheel...the bronze age...and the Industrial Revolution...brought to our civilizations tremendous progress...we are again at that point.

The same advancements will come with the RE-legalization of cannabis, hemp, marijuana, pot...whatever you may choose to call it.

This plant, and what may be produced from its many parts, will bring such changes into our world, that we will ALL move forward as a species. The benefits will affect all of mankind.

Those of us alive and aware today, are going to be witnesses to life-changing improvements.

We have some of the most fertile farm ground in the world. And the knowledge of how it may best be used.

Let us make this happen!

We are ready to make the jump to light speed.

Please, don't stand in the way.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
Hugh Yonn

Hugh Yonn
Ft Lauderdale, Florida