He is SO right...
February 10, 2013 | 05:39 PM

"The biggest change is the increase in government over its peoples' lives....I remember during the Great Depression, there was no government help then. Now it's all government programs. Back then... the only government you had to deal with was the local and state and there was little of that."

Yep. And now because of that, we have become a nation of bed wetting whiny dependents for everything in our lives. If we don't earn enough money we whine that it's someone else's fault; we whine when corporations earn to much money; we whine like spoiled children when we don't get our own way and everything we want. Me me me, gimmie gimmie gimmie! And the politicians in Washington (especially Democrats) are all to eager to please that mentality.

There is no way in hell this nation today and the whiners it is comprised of could have survived the Great Depression, let alone fought in World War II. We have become completely detached from the harsh realities that built this nation's character, and the character of the people that made this nation. Today, it's all about everyone "getting their fair share" without even working towards getting it themselves through hard work, tenacity, and merit.

This nation will not last another 50 years of useful idiots that vote themselves entitlements.