Don't worry Kaylene, I knew what you meant...
February 06, 2013 | 12:01 PM was obvious!

In any event I have to slightly disagree with you. While we do need more lanes, it is equally useful to people like me who like to check instant traffic conditions on 400 prior to leaving from home or work every day. For the 4 years I lived in Cumming and commuted to Alpharetta, that would have been a God-send between exits 14 and 12 where there were many, many complete shutdown wrecks.

I listen to WSB on the way to 400, but the timing isn't always right and don't always get an update prior to "committing" to entering the on-ramp. As one who is planning on moving back to Cumming again, cameras would be useful to make a decision to take back roads as a 400 alternative in the event of a bad jam.