The truth of the matter is very clear
February 01, 2013 | 01:43 PM

1) No paid attorney will get you out of this one. Nor will it stop the power machine that Wells Fargo has. Pay up.

2) You wouldn't be in default had you paid your loan or made an attempt to pay. Instead you are stiffing the American Finance system and even American workers like Construction firm JL Johnson in Texas. Yes, Yes you finally settled but it was cents on the dollar.

3) Excuses excuses will get you no where in America. You "couldn't pay the loan because your school was closed" it just isn't going to work anymore, you KNEW the school was recommended to be closed before you signed on the loan documents. That is deceit and breach of contract which Wells Fargo will hold you accountable for.

4) More than likely you will stiff them out of the full amount and make some paltry settlement. The land will be part of the deal and Wells Fargo will own it. Thereby you will be forced to move somewhere else.

The High School will cease to exist as a "charter" even the state won't step in and help. THe politicians like Albers, et al are distancing themselves from you.
Americans have a saying "pay up or shut up"

You set a poor example to American children about assuming responsibility and the excuses are never ending but predictable in Texas (Harmony Science) to Ohio (Horizon Science Academy) to the hearings at other state BOE. Same thing different state or country.

This time out, the superintendants throughout the USA are waiting for you. Loudoun County tossed you out, and now the good people of Lancaster and CT are waiting for your lies.

Ergen Kaan