Winds of Change
January 31, 2013 | 01:49 PM

I'm rather confused. Gwinnett has three elected commissioners leave office under suspicion, indictment and/or incarceration. Yet Fulton is under attack yet again?

I got married and chose to live in South Fulton 35 years ago when I return home from school. I like the rural features of the community. At the time it didn't matter that Fulton Industrial Blvd was the cash cow that modernized Sandy Springs. Some how most folks up there don't know or want to hear that fact. My community remain very rural to this day. You speak of the actions of the commission being vindictive towards folks they don't know. Well these action are just as vindictive toward people the republican delegation doesn't know and has no interest in what so ever. In the end misery and suffering will be heap upon these people who can least afford it.

To me it's a kin to "apartness" separating folks along racial/economic lines much like what took place in South Africa with apartheid with minority rule. Sure you can gerrymander lines to your advantage to get control but, in the end if only your slice of utopia survives then it's a failure.

This is all about the fact that the GOP can't win elections in Fulton County.

I guess ya'll didn't notice Barack Obama won Fulton County by 118,000. 118,000 VOTES!!!!

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" translate loosely as "let them eat cake."

James R
South Fulton