LG Washer and Dryer
January 30, 2013 | 08:42 PM

I purchased my second LG washer and dryer in 2007. The first set was bad within the first month, but it took Home Depot almost six months to finally replace the faulty dryer. Now I have a replacement, but have the same problem with the dryer that I had the first time, a faulty drum. I have had this set in storage for over two years as I had one in my vacation home already. Since moving I have been using the new set and it takes over an hour to get my clothes dry and its just me in the house, very small loads and its making the annoying loud thumping sound again. Its a cracked drum. LG has had this problem and know about it, but neither LG or Home Depot will help or repair or replace this defective dryer. I paid over $2000 for the set, and even paid an additional 300 for an extended warranty. Of course now that I have it up and running the agreement has run out and both LG and Home Depot do nothing. I am so unhappy with both these companies. I remodled my home from top to bottom and used Home Depot for the majority of the expenses. I will not use them any longer, I will go to their competator and when and if I am in the store I will discourage anyone from shopping there as they will not help their customers and obviously do not value their customers. I have fought this for two years and have gotten no where. Do not purchase LG products, expecially the appliances and Do not shop at Home Depot, they do not stand behind the products they sell.

Debbie Charles
Fircrest, WA