Transactional Onboarding vs Acculturation Onboarding
January 23, 2013 | 05:48 PM

This is a well written article and I couldn't agree more that the goal of an effective onboarding plan is to get a new employee productive as quickly as possible. To further define onboarding, I think we can classify the completion of tax forms, policy acknowledgements, and benefit forms, as transactional onboarding. There are many transactional onboarding vendors on the market but only a handful automate all of the electronic forms. Next, acculturation onboarding would be defined as assimilating a new employee into the company over a long period of time. This step can be obtained through an onboarding portal with social networking features, videos, and ways to interact with fellow associates. Ideally, an onboarding plan would combine both of these activities to ensure a new employee can be retained over a long period of time. I have written a few blogs at and would love to hear feedback.

Jay Torrence