Good...but keep your eyes open
January 21, 2013 | 05:49 PM

I just got two growlers for the first time a couple weeks ago. They had interesting choices. But, it was pretty expensive. I paid $30 for two 64oz bottles which is basically two six packs. (That didn't not include the cost of the bottles.) Nice to have beer on tap. But if you can get two good six packs of micros or imports for only $20, seems a bit pricey. I'm all for having good beer. Don't mind paying more if I'm out at a pub. But, seems a little expensive for drinking at home or showing up to the party. Don't mean to poo-poo the whole idea. I think it's great. But, prices may have to come down a bit or it may end up being a fad. (Or maybe I need to try another place.)

Beer Lover