Reuniting Pets in Shelters - Fulton has a Great Option Right Now
January 19, 2013 | 12:32 PM

Thanks for this article. Most pets at shelters are simply lost. A pet should have a tag AND a chip. Not all shelters have the right scanner for the exact chip and often miss them. Also it is imperative to keep the information updated on the chip with the microchip company. Craigslist is helpful in reuniting pets with owners as they have a lost and found section and it's free. Don't know if you heard about the momentous decision before Fulton County right now? They are deciding who should take over animal services. LifeLine, a long standing excellent non profit with a goal of saving all healthy and adoptable pets is the obvious choice but not to the County.We need an organization like LifeLine that will have an emphasis on reuniting pets with owners. Here are more details.

Alison Hector