Notice where these people come-from : ?
January 17, 2013 | 09:38 AM

A cursory-look throughout the fabric of our Local Governments reveals the lion-share of those being tapped for these positions by its "Stewards" have a Chamber of Commerce connected "bio" ~ It usually of "Board" stature ~ the content of-which more represents the growth and development of "Business Interest" than that of the procurement of Citizens "Quality of Life" ~ ie; activities directed MORE toward the procurment of a higher "Level of Service" (LOS) for Society as-a-whole than greasing its mechanisms to "Attract Business"...a 9 ~ 5 environment made in preference over that which WE live to exist in 24-7 : ?

Thus it is My sincere hope that this good Man hereout seeks-to-find more "Balance" than what I can construe of His "Bio'd Past" for what he comes to procure of the interests of Johns Creek and Its future.

Otherwise ~ If things are to ever "Change" ~ We need such boards being BALANCED vs. STACKED -- it's only apparent to ME of how they are and have-been construed yesterday thru today -- by MORE "People" and LESS "Business" tomorrow.

Jack Gleason
Alpharetta/Johns Creek