Blaming drivers that need to turn left?
December 28, 2012 | 08:42 AM

Are you seriously suggesting that people should get in the left turn lane, then force their way over within 300 yards to turn right onto Haynes Bridge Rd? That is ludicrous and a recipe for disaster. Most of the traffic here is going to HB, not Old Milton! This is poor design and planning by the city.

The decision to tear up and move HB road was a terrible one. Traffic that needed to get on HB simply used to access it via Academy. Now, we are forced to go to Old Milton.

This has caused other traffic situations, as well. For instance, not only is the storage awkward with the median (it blocks people from simply driving around the last car and getting in that lane), the light is dreadfully short. Many people are going to the next street to access HB via Devore Rd. When school is in session, this road can now back up all the way to Bank of America!