Fulton County Animal Control
December 13, 2012 | 04:34 PM

Satisfied with the services? Has Alpharetta not been following the expose of human, animal and financial abuses at FCAC?Did you know that there is a 70% kill rate and only a 9% return to owner rate?The bid has re-opened and there is only one acceptable solution. To contract with a provider that has a lifesaving philosophy committed to saving all healthy and treatable pets, spay neuter, and reuniting pets with owners.If you are a pet owner be scared, very scared if your pet gets lost and winds up at the current shelter with it's kill mentality. There are 100's of communities across the country saving over 90% of their intake and with no scandals because they are dedicated to transparency. See I met with Zach Williams Fulton County Manager and he was interested in pursuing this more humane efficient option. There is a provider willing,able and ready to deliver services. I emailed many details regarding this type of successful beneficial shelter to Mayor Woods and Commissioner Liz Hausmann but unfortunately have not heard back. It is time as pet owners,taxpayers and constituents we demand a real shelter - a safe haven, and not a catch and kill antiquated pound. Fulton County needs to select a provider who responds to the open bid closing shortly, dedicated to this life saving mission with a track record for excellence in all areas of operation.

Alison Hector, Esq.