Reality on Rogers
December 13, 2012 | 04:32 PM

Mr. Rogers made poor and uneducated decisions while never taking personal responsibility. His policies grew government and spent more taxpayer dollars. The real story underneath this all is his real family, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the other lobbying efforts he's undertaken while representing citizens. Lobby money and gifts have been showered on him just as he proclaimed allegiance to Tea Party grassroots principles. His time in office is like a sad statement on the potent cocktail mix of money and power among our lawmakers. They've lost site of ethics, the citizens they're supposed to serve and the benchmarks they care about. Rogers and his proteges like Albers and managers like Deal have done nothing to grow jobs, support the majority in public education, better the lives of the poor and working people of this District, or plan for the transportation and infrastructure needs which will help attract business and keep people in this area. Even in his parting press releases, it's all about him, not his constituents. Now he'll go underground with ALEC and we'll continue to see bad legislation here in Georgia and elsewhere. Not even self-aware enough to say no to another taxpayer gimme.

Patrick Thompson