Bates/Mayfield Zoning
December 02, 2012 | 09:08 PM

I wonder when Alpharetta will decide that enough is enough? What about the additional traffic load on Mayfield? I live on Mayfield Road, and I'm wondering how hard it will become to turn left out of my driveway once this development is completed and filled to capacity. What happened to the "retaining small town feel" that the City claims to support? I think that we need council members who will stand and say "that's enough". Dahlonega developed very strict measures many years ago to protect them from just this sort of issue. As Alpharetta continues to whittle away the small town that I grew up in and replace it with an overpopulated extention of Atlanta, I just shake my head in confusion and dismay. It is obvious that Alpharetta's real concern here is maximizing it's tax base.