Re: Finally...
November 28, 2012 | 12:04 PM

If the local community charities and churches wanted to help the homeless, they would use outreach programs to find them. They need funds to do these things as well. That means people need to donate to those churces and organizations. Donations are down. The economy has hit hard in every area... that's one of the major contributions to the homeless population. You don't want tax dollars (government) to be responsible for them and yet the charities don't have donation dollars to do it. Take responsibility for their lives? You live in a bubble. Do you know that a large portion of the homeless are veterans who served this country and protected your freedom and then when they returned, crippled in body, mind or spirit, and were unable to get it together... coupled with the high unemployment... they didn't necessarily choose to live on the streets... they were dumped there by a system that doesn't care about them when they return. Other populations are those with mental health issues who can't function in a "normal" society. People who "choose" to be homeless are likely people who have tried and finally gave up. People in this economy who have lost their jobs and are unable to secure a new one. People who lost their homes and had no where to turn. Family is important in this... but many times family turns away from their homeless kin. Were you born with a silver spoon? Why don't you go out to the guy at the station and ask him what you could do to help him? Oh, you wouldn't lower yourself to speak to him.