Well, say what you will...
November 27, 2012 | 11:56 PM

...but Alpharetta is not liberal San Francisco where the "urban outdoorsmen" run amok and perpetually harass everyone and are allowed to relieve themselves wherever they want to. The problem in San Francisco is so bad that human excrement reportedly clogs up the works of the escalators.

So Alpharetta spends money on homeless shelters. Has anyone really thought this through and read case studies, or even interviewed homeless people? When the homeless are put up in public shelters, they have security concerns just like we do. Many if not most homeless people would rather live on the streets in the safety of the open rather than be forced to live in a controlled and confined space with strangers (who might well be violent).

If I wanted to be harassed and hit up for money every time I went out, I'd move back to downtown Atlanta.