November 21, 2012 | 07:19 AM

This is an excellent article brining attention to what in most cases are poorly designed intersections. My one contention (this is not unique to this publication) is the common reference to car crashes/wrecks/collisions as "accidents." Most crashes, although not intentional, are very avoidable. Using the word "accident" would imply that no one is at fault and lets the culpable party off the hook. We think they just happen, they are a fact of life and we should accept them because accidents happen. People need to focus and pay attention when they are driving.

Also, one question.. the other major interchanges have totals for the interchange whereas the 400/HBR has totals only for the south bound off ramp. Any ideas how many total crashes are at that interchange?

Thanks for the article and be careful at these intersections.

Michael Hadden