November 18, 2012 | 11:29 PM

Dr. Phelan was my orthodontist and my brothers! I know for a fact they would never allow anyone under age to have alcohol. It was who they were, I was never allowed to try my moms margaritas/alcoholic drinks when we would go to their house, then again I was only in middle school/early high school. The phelans not allowing anyone underage to have alcoholic drinks is how they are and they are very well respected for it. They have 3 great children, one who is in college (I believe) why would they want to risk getting in trouble, just for their daughter to take a couple sips of alcohol. Like seriously. I'm about to turn 21 in january and I didn't take my first taste of alcohol until this past winter (early 2012). I've had too many friends die or become seriously injured from drinking and driving that I stayed far away from it, until recently. Why would the phelans risk everything they have, all the respect from people in LS and their friends and family just to let a few kids have some alcohol,....... THEY WOULDN'T!

emily holt