Drunk Teens
November 18, 2012 | 09:20 AM

I've attended a different "well-known" large Halloween party in LS over the past several years. I have never experienced any drunk teens or incidents like this. I attribute that to the hosts and how they manage the parties and the guests. If the party's tone is free and open, it will attract a certain element (i.e. drunk teens), regardless of whether they were inside the home or even invited. As a LS homeowner with children of my own, the prospect of drunk teens driving through the neighborhood on Halloween night is beyond frightening. Tragic "accidents" are often preventable and many times can be traced back to adults behaving irresponsibly, if not criminally. I agree with Henry that the Phelans should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but hosts also have certain unwritten obligations to keep the neighborhood safe by not attracting or tacitly allowing dangerous activity that could hurt innocent people.

LS Homeowner