Thank you
November 01, 2012 | 08:58 PM

Dear Mr. James Sanders: Recently, I watched “The War,” a seven-episode program by Ken Burns on DVD. (It originally aired a decade ago on PBS.) Japanese atrocities made me sick to my stomach. I was born and raised in post-WWII Japan. During the war, for the victor to show mercy to the vanquished was a foreign concept to the Japanese military. Consequently, when Japan surrendered unconditionally, all surviving Japanese feared the worst. This, however, did not happen. Instead, American soldiers brought food and treated the general public with compassion. This was a turning point in the Japanese perception of the so-called “enemy.” They became witness to an amazing grace beyond the realm of their comprehension. This is the reason people of my parents’ generation hold America to the highest pedestal " as I still do today as a naturalized U.S. citizen. My 2-minute video message of gratitude on YouTube at was created for WWII veterans, such as you. I would appreciate it very much if you would please watch and share the video with all other veterans that you know. Thank you.

Reiko McKendry
Bloomfield Hills, MI