Thank you Appen News!
October 18, 2012 | 09:11 AM

You all have been so good to us as I help promote non-profit organizations! Jonathan and Katie were always there when I needed media coverage, and because you, Appen News, we have raised funds that exceeded our expectations! So, once again, THANK YOU! "Operation Give Back"continues, (raising funds and care packages for our troops serving overseas), "MyHouseForKids",(supports the homeless babies of North Fulton) "AroundTownDealz"~North Fulton, (my newest passion, raising funds for education, sports programs, school clubs, and helping the local small businesses at the same time!) As readers in this tough economic time, LOVE to hear GOOD NEWS for a change!!! Love to hear that people work together as a community. Respectfully, Paula Roland~ Non-Profit Relations

Paula Roland