Thank you! (
October 05, 2012 | 10:13 AM

I just wanted to Thank you for mentioning Sydnie & Sumner in the newspaper. They were both so excited!! And now I see online that Sydnie's pictures are posted- now she'll really be thrilled!
Sydnie is looking to go far in this sport & is training hard with her triathlon team MULTISPORT EXPLOSION & her cross-country team ALPHACRUSH. Both teams have a fantastic group of kids & families & of course coaches too. Sydnie has improved tremendously in a short time since being a part of these teams.
Also, it is always great to hear Winter Vinecki of TEAM WINTER speak at the events. She is a wonderful example of what it means to inspire others & give back- always asking, "Who do you race for?" Out of losing her father to prostate cancer, comes unending goodness, as she is committed to her cause. Now THIS is the vision I love for my kids to experience- getting them thinking NOW on how they can contribute great things in this world!
We are just happy to see triathlons & cross-country becoming so popular with kids. What an amazing environment on so many levels for families to be a part of! It's not just about getting our kids healthier's this and SO much more!

Stacie Behrmann
Alpharetta/ Milton