Public Services
October 04, 2012 | 10:56 AM

I know some Alpharetta police officers do work on off duty time by proving traffic control measures for large church events. You will also see state troopers assisting. Many agencies do this. Due to the large number of vehicles entering and leaving the city for these services, it is imperative for those officers to work to ensure traffic flows freely for everyone. We know how frustrating traffic congrestion can be. These officers are funded by the church. I know Alpharetta police is one of the few agencies in Georgia that requires their off duty officers to reinburse back to the city ten percent of the money they earn while working off duty. This covers the use of the vehicle and fuel. This ensures no taxpayer or city monies are used. The vast majority of cities do not do this but Alpharetta does. Kudos to them...

Cumming resident