Increased exemptions--no surprise
September 20, 2012 | 11:39 PM

As a grandmother who watched both her grandchildren suffer encephalopathy following their vaccinations--I can say realistically that a certain percentage of children suffer permanent damage following vaccines. It is unconstitutional to force vaccines on anyone and there must exist vaccine choice and parental consent. Parents have the right to decide what drugs can be injected into their children. Just look at the number of children with diseases that barely existed before the gazillion mandated vaccines-and I am not talking the chicken pox--but autism, diabetes, asthma, and a whole long list. Stop and think what all these children all over the country have in common--only one thing the same and that is vaccines. We demand that fully vaccinated vs fully unvaccinated study of children--that gov't authorities have never done.
Maurine Meleck, SC

Maurine Meleck
North Augusta SC