Why are parents are opting out? to save their child, from danger
September 20, 2012 | 09:13 PM

I wrote this for an article in the star tribune called;

Rice contains "worrisome" Arsenic levels. Group, says.

If 30 ppb of Arsenic in apple juice is as Dr.Oz and ABC's Dr.Besser says possibly very dangerous.

Then we have a really big problem on our hands, and may very well have the culprit that's is causing all this Autism, ADD, ADHD, and Bipolar, in our most precious resource.

Our very own, American children.

What am I talking about? A Toxin that is 500 or more times Toxic than Arsenic. That was found, in an NIH study to have the ability to cross the BBB. Get this, easier than does the fish mercury. It is the vaccine Preservative, that was used in almost all children's vaccines. And still even today, is found in 80 % of all the flu vaccines in the US. at full strength 25 micro-grams.

It's Thimerosal, it is 50% mercury by weight. It is "injected" not ingested as is Arsenic in Apple juice or Rice.

I find it absolutely ludicrous,that a toxin ingested that is 500 or more times less Toxic is a concern. Given what they inject in our children, in
children's vaccines. A Mercury, that crosses the BBB easier than the fish

FYI BBB = Blood Brain Barrier.

A little schooling here on Ingested
as compared to Injected.

Ingested Toxins,go through all the filtering organs. Injected Toxins go directly into the blood stream, on the way to the BBB. Thimerosal has the ability to cross the BBB.

After it crosses the BBB, it then Metabolizes into Inorganic Mercury

According to the NIH paid study, it revealed that Thimerosal turns into Inorganic at 2.5 times that as doe's
the fish Mercury.

Several studies on what is damaging
to the Mitochondria revealed # 1 is
Inorganic Mercury and a close 2nd is

Both of which, are in children's vaccines.

Someone must be really quite wrong, about this being a concern. Or we are really quite stupid for injecting newborns, with 12.5 micro grams of
a Toxin that is 500 or more times Toxic.

Dr. Oz and ABC's Dr.Besser was very worried about 30 ppb of Arsenic in Apple juice ingested.

Just the Hep-b at birth contained 1000's of ppb of an Injected not Ingested Mercury,that according to
an NIH paid study. Can cross,the BBB easier than does the fish Mercury.

What does the Manufacturer's say about the characteristics of their Product Thimerosal that was used in almost all children's vaccines?

MSDS= Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet.

MSDS of Thimerosal states that it Thimerosal is accumulative in the body, and it targets the organs of the body in particular the brain and the lining around the brain.

MSDS if you are exposed to Thimerosal any further and future exposures,may cause mercury poisoning.

Future Vaccines, many given at once. And coal powered burning plants,That Screams, very STUPID! move.

MSDS Never mix with Aluminum, that's hard not to do. Considering Aluminum, is in children's vaccines as a catalyst.

Catalyst is used in children's vaccines, to get a greater immune response.

The reason it is on the MSDS sheet
is that when Mercury is mixed with Aluminum. It's Toxicity may climb by 10 times, due to the synergy effect of the two salts being mixed.

MSDS Pregnant women are never !!!!!! supposed to be exposed to Thimerosal, for it can cross the placenta and go into the baby and cause mild to severe mental retardation.

Last MSDS Thimerosal is a mutagenic.

It has the ability, to mutate genes.

If you cannot find the screw up here, that screams total incompetence.

You have absolutely no reading and comprehension skills.

fort worth