Wanna be thugs?
September 01, 2012 | 01:50 AM

How can you judge and assume these people are doing this to be cool? Rob Thomas, thats a very hypocritical and judgemental thing to say these kids might come from troubled homes and the only way they learned how to get by is to sell these drugs. Im not saying what theyre doing is right at all, what i am saying is who are we to judge who these people are. For all we know these could be loving and caring people who are just living a so called "free" lifestyle and are believers in supporting everything the government does not like hippys in the 70's. I am actually not impressed by this arrest. These people are not a threat and will never be. The law enforcement should be cracking down on drugs such as crack, heroine and meth. These are the drugs ruining lives.

Jimmy Harrolson
Johns Creek