Newspapers will survive
July 25, 2012 | 09:00 AM

As I left my house this morning to go to the office, I unplugged all of the devices I had to charge overnight so that I may remain connected to the "grid." This is a job requirement. These include a laptop, I-Pad, Wifi 4G device and a I-Pad cradle keyboard. I for one relish the opportunity to get off the "grid" and simply physically hold a quality newspaper and relish it. Newspapers will continue to serve a smaller dedicated readership. I surmise as the "greatest generation" and subsequent generations age, those demographics will continue to use newspapers as a source of news. Those younger today will be tired of spending their entire life on the "grid." Life forces those type of changes. A viable newspaper is one that provides factual accurate information, provides interesting editorials and area based interest articles. The Revue and News and Appen affiliated newspapers are outstanding newspapers. (However Ray- the front cover page is not the place to put a political opinion editorial.) These papers will need to have an online componet but the need will still be there and I for one will fully support them.