Don't gloat too much....
July 23, 2012 | 09:30 AM

I'm sitting down at my computer much as I do a few times during the day, reading through the news. Let me share my progression, in order:

1. Large national news site, run by a traditional news outlet.

2. The AJC.

3. A local blog.

4. Your site.

5. The Alpharetta Patch.

Keep in mind years ago I couldn't imagine not subscribing to the AJC. I also used to read the paper that you still kindly leave on my driveway once a week. But now I never look at the print version of either.

My real point is that you shouldn't get so smug concerning your "exclusive franchise" on smalltown news. While I check out the headlines and the occaisional article on your site, local blogs actually do a great job reporting on local issues these days.