The 'Weighting Game'
July 05, 2012 | 01:27 PM

Wonderful article! Being one that does not wish to rely on pharmaceuticals to create wellness and wholeness, I am saddened to hear yet another 'miracle' for weight control has been approved by the FDA. I find myself wondering how long it will be before we see legal advertisements for law firms willing to represent those harmed, or their survivors, in pursuit of the drug company marketing this newest wonder drug. Regardless of the information available on the harm caused by prescription drugs, there continues to be those like the man I heard in the doctor's exam room next to mine a few months the doctor was explaining his test results, I heard the man say..'Pill me up, Doc' and laugh...Thank you for reminding all of us it can be done the 'other way'...through dedication, education and the willingness to change we can change our lives dramatically. All good for us individually as well as everyone on the planet through collective consciousness. Celebrate the day!!!